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The Mishaps and Follies of an Internet Model

My first session was on a Sunday afternoon. When I got online hardly anyone was online to chat with. I thought that since it was Sunday that people were out and about doing the wholesome family thing of going to church, going to lunch or some other activities families do on Sunday. Finally, someone came into my chat room and starting to talk to me. We chatted for awhile talking about random things, things that you would talk about with someone that you have known for awhile. The person on the other side of the computer made me feel comfortable and at ease. Before I knew it, my cute little bra and panty set were on the bedroom floor. The only thing I have on still are a pair of black stiletto heels aka “Fuck Me Pumps”. I was shower the viewer every inch of my body and talking to them at the same time. I had in my head the entire time that this is just acting and that it’s just an illusion. I got so into my act that I started to masturbate online in front of the other person in my chat room. Now mind you I can’t see them and they can only see me which makes things easier for me. I started off slow and worked my way to a steady pace. With my silver bullet vibrator in one hand and my glass dildo in the other, I started to really “perform” for the webcam. I closed my eyes and pretended that I was by myself doing this very intimate act all alone. I tried to maneuver my laptop so the audience to get the “perfect” view wasn’t an easy task. Walking from the bed to the laptop in my “fuck me pumps” wasn’t all that easy either. As I tried to walk seductively to the laptop my heel got caught on some bedding and I stumbled. Lucky for me I played it off and obviously the person on the other side didn’t see it. I adjusted the laptop screen some more then I resumed to teasing by, rubbing the glass dildo all over my body and when the person on the other side of the chat room would request me to do things, I would do them of course. The customer asked me to do basic things which I was relieved about, because I admit there are some things I am still learning to do online because I usually don’t do them in the bedroom. I started to really get into more and of course started to go to town down there with my mister buzzer and my glass slipper dildo. I could feel blood rushing between my inner thighs, my body felt like it was on fire. The customer wasn’t talking much so at first I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. At any point I paid no attention to it and I kept at it. I felt electricity go through my body starting from my limbs and ended in between my thighs. I can feel the buildup of an explosion, and boy what an explosion it was! I was left breathless and didn’t realize that I squirted over my laptop screen! I was at the point that I was worried about short fusing my laptop because I honestly never thought I would ever do that over the internet! Mind you, I don’t do that all the time but when I am worked up and really into it that means you better and a raincoat, umbrella and possibly some PVC vinyl sheets because there is going to be a rain storm. The customer was blown away by what I did; he wanted a private session with me right then and there.  Lucky for me the customer had his speakers on so he can hear me talk online, because I was cleaning up my “mess” from the laptop screen to the keyboard.  The customer said “very impressive, round two?” They wanted to see me do exactly what I did again! I wasn’t too sure if I could replicate what I did but I was going to try. Of course I wasn’t letting the customer know what I was thinking at that moment. I got into the swing of things again, but I had to stop and tell the customer I had to get something to cover, laptop keyboard because I didn’t want to short circuit my laptop. Of course the customer understood about that. I ended up getting a plastic grocery bag and covered my keyboard on my laptop. I know it seems silly to do that but it isn’t like I would be able to go into a computer store and ask an employee there “Hey do you a water resistant cover that I can use on my keyboard? “I’m a webcam model that squirts Niagara fucking falls when I climax from masturbating online live.” That would be interesting to see the looks on that poor sap’s face. Thinking about it I must just do that just because I think it would be funny. I started back up, and did it again! I couldn’t believe it! My laptop was covered but my bedroom wall didn’t look so well. I squirted with such distance that it shot across the bed and hit the bedroom wall. It looked like a bucket of water was splashed onto the wall. The customer was “satisfied” and we talked for a short time after. The customer was gushing over what I did online that they wanted to see if I could fill up a large wine glass. I took that as a hint that I was going to encounter this person again.  I told the customer that I could make it into a competition and who ever would guess if I could fill the glass or not would get a constellation prize, whether it be a pair of my underwear that I wore that session (yes  some guys are into that kind of thing), or I would think of something else. The session ended and I was relieved that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I made some money within a short period of time and I felt exhilarated. I had such a huge adrenaline rush from what I did, I knew at that moment that I could be an Internet Model.  My adrenaline rush came to a quick crash and burn when I looked at the mess that I made and had to clean up. Needless to say I spent the rest of my Sunday like any person in a wholesome family would do and that was washing all of my bedding, and cleaning up. Not bad for  the first time.